FGC 2014 Teri Pirate black_001

FGC 2014 Teri Pirate black_003


This Armorset made by [Teri]otrope is just amazing.

I can mix & match it with near all Outfits.  This Armorset will all time round up the complete Dress.

Even if you just wanne go naked 😛


Armorset: [Teri]otrope Forest Armor  Black ULTRARRARE – soon @  Fantasy Gacha Carnival starting 4.May 2014

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlocks series – Monk Hair – found @ the Mens depth

Pants: !! Silk Worms !! Frilly Fanny in black – found @ the Fantasy Collective

Latern: [Tia] Holding Lantern – available @ the Fantasy Faire 2014 & at the Mainshop

[Teri] Forest Armor [Teri] Forged Armor


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