Into the Sky…

FGC 2014 Teri white Armor_001

FGC 2014 Teri white Armor_022


This Picture was taken at the Fantasy Faire 2014 high on top of the Minas Tirith Building (LOTR) This building let my jar drop as i saw it the first time. Perfect Job Jamie *thumbs up* Don´t miss to see it inworld @ Hopes Horizon

Armorset: [Teri]otrope Forged Armor  White ULTRARRARE – soon @  Fantasy Gacha Carnival starting 4.May 2014

Hair: Milk&DRD hair-Willow in *Espresso* – found @ the Fantasy Faire 2014

Dress: !gO! Elora lingerie in -white- – soon @ We love Roleplay starting 4. May 2014

Legs: .shi Legharness in white

 … Cute Azz approved \o/

[Teri] Forged Armor    [Teri] Forest Armor


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