A second of Life…

white rabbit_FINAL Kopie“Her lips never lied
No worries in mind


*Pink Hustler* 8103


[LF] Bunny Secret Mask [SILVER WHITE] @ The Fantasy Collective


[LF] Bunny Secret Collar [SILVER WHITE] @ The Fantasy Collective


…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… I’m Your Only Wish


16{Aerial} wings silver .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Yasum*MESH*Hawt Berlin NIghts*Platinum

Decoration from Fantasy Gacha Carnival:

{Aerial} angel’s nest .::Cubic Cherry ::. ULTRARARE

{Aerial} Stars in the bubble group1 white  .::Cubic cherry::.

{Aerial} Stars in the bubble group2 pink .::Cubic cherry::.

Rivendale ~*~ Cloud Tree 2 ~ Common

Rivendale ~*~ Stair 1 ~ Common

Rivendale ~*~ Cascading Cloud ~ Common

Rivendale ~*~ Cloud Platform ~ Common

Rivendale ~*~ Stair 2 ~ Common


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